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The CB wholesale GmbH [LCC]in Krefeld is your trusted partner, if you search for an International food retailer with upmarket products in Germany. Additionally, it is our pleasure to supply all other retailers with an ethno – food program as well as restaurants and further gastronomical businesses. Or perhaps you would like to set up completely new ethno – food program in retail? The development of the demand for international products clearly speaks for such a decision. 

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Our international range of Foods benefit from the increasing popularity far beyond the Turkish community throughout Germany: a trend that is expected to dynamically as well as exponentially grow in the future. It is clear to note that International foods have become a significant and crucial economical factor in Europe. Therefor the numbers speak for themselves: Within the ethno-food sector, the annual turnover in that sector is already around 21 billion euros. This corresponds to the gross domestic product of a large city with several hundred thousand inhabitants. 

Sucuk, the best known and most popular Turkish sausage is certainly not missing either and an essential part of our supply as well as our dairy products from the brand Sütat with their cheese and ayran varieties which will surely meet the taste of your customers and increase your sales figures.

As an international and professional wholesaler, we are in the position to take advantages of particularly favorable supply chains with low product and distribution costs. There for it is a pleasure for us to provide this advantage for our retail customers. 

CB wholesale GmbH [LCC]

Use now the favorable opportunity to secure the services and the products of the CB wholesale GmbH [LCC] to advantageous conditions. If you are interested, simply call us and please do not hesitate – we are open for your questions. You can reach us under the number +49 02151 5166154 and you can also visit us in person at Magdeburger Str. 17 in 47800 Krefeld. The whole team of the CB wholesale GmbH [LCC] is looking forward to your soon contact.