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Milay sausage products in wide variety

By choosing the sausage range of Milay you will receive high quality products and the careful selection made from poultry, lamb or beef that combine culinary diversity with an authentic oriental touch. The flavor and aroma; these are the elements which will guarantee the quality and the outstanding taste of the product. From the aromatic sucuk and through the mortadella salami the brand carries almost every imaginable type of sausage, which we, as wholesalers, offer you for resale in your store at particularly attractive conditions.

Besides the pure enjoyment on bread with the finest aroma, many of the sausage varieties are also suitable for roasting or to change the traditional taste of a salat with the piquant note of an sausage. These diverse preparation options are the reason for the large popularity in Germany regarding Milay sausages and their cold cuts. Offering this selection will definitely enrich the assortment in your store. Do not hold this taste and variety back from your customers.

A highlight for German and international customers.

As an experienced salesperson, you are already familiar with Milay sausage products due to the wide variety of products. Even children love the meat sausage or mortadella salami, which should not be missing on any breakfast table. For adults, the spicy sucuk and other spicy salamis are a more popular choice.

Milay is an experienced sausage brand that is known and very popular among Turkish and Arab customers as well as German connoisseurs. The brand offers sausage products of superior quality that are 100% halal certified and offer a broad variety to the table. Each type of sausage is offered in thin slices, which can be easy laid on bread or enjoyed pure and simple.

For you as a retailer, buying Milay sausages at an attractive price is crucial to convince your customers both with quality and reasonable pricing. With us as a wholesaler, you can profit from an ideal order price even for small purchase quantities, which gives your store more leeway in pricing.

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Would you like to expand your range with Milay products? Do not hesitate and pick up the phone! The friendly team of our wholesale business will be happy to give you prices, information’s and will quickly prepare a personal and individual offer for you. Let our prices convince you so that you can be able to offer Milay sausage products in your store at a reasonable price. Supplemented by dairy products and other highlights with Turkish and Mediterranean flair, you can get all the important fresh products from us quickly and at an attractive price-performance ratio!